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      Is1-00 bidirectional rotating power unit (see Fig. 1)
      Is1-00 bidirectional rotating power unit (see Fig. 1)


      Working principle

      1 - oil filter 2 - bidirectional gear pump 3 - motor 4 - overflow valve 5 - double hydraulic control check valve 6 - safety valve 7 - oil tank p - oil outlet port T - oil return port
      Equipped with cbt2-g series bi-directional pumps, the bi-directional power unit is a small hydraulic system integrating relief valve, safety valve, dual hydraulic control check valve, motor, oil filter and oil tank. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and beautiful outsourcing. In the case of few general action requirements, the user only needs to configure the actuator (oil cylinder and oil motor) to directly use it. The double hydraulic control check valve in the power unit forms a hydraulic directional valve, which can directly realize the directional control of the double acting oil cylinder system by driving the gear pump through the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, Without adding any control elements (electromagnetic directional valve, etc.).

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      Technical Specifcations

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