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      Scissors lifter (small) power unit
      Scissors lifter (small) power unit

      Working principle

      This hydraulic power unit is designed and manufactured by our factory with the introduction of advanced technology from abroad and the use of domestic users. It has excellent hydraulic transmission performance and excellent pressure retaining performance.
      Compared with the domestic similar products, it has unique no-load starting effect (buffer valve is set in the system), can protect the motor and reduce the starting noise, has unique function of reducing speed (throttle valve is set in the system), and has high-pressure small displacement gear pumps CBK, CBH and CBG as the power components of the power unit, It has better performance price ratio and the lowest price among similar products. In order to meet the needs of different domestic users, we have a variety of hydraulic power units for users to choose.
      It is mainly used in lifting gantry in automobile maintenance industry, hydraulic power unit in hydraulic tools, lifting machinery and hydraulic power unit in many hydraulic systems.

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      Technical Specifcations<

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